Friday, 5 February 2010

Consistent failures from positions of strength, where does the problem lie?

It's really baffling to see time and again we are losing matches after matches after gaining some ground and reaching a position of strength. ODIs and Test matches alike, it's the same old story. We will dominate few sessions, few passage of play here and there and eventually throw it all out to succumb to a big defeat.

We are not probably good enough to challenge the opposition on a consistent basis, we probably don't believe in our abilities when we are on top and lack the killer blow.

If we look at our cricket history, it's a tale of lost opportunities. Multan, Fatullah, Chittagong, Darwin... everywhere we failed to cross the line after positions of strength.

I personally think at any point of time we always have a poor team combination and occasional personal brilliance put us on top, but failures from others allow the opposition to come back strong and we can't simply resist that.

Rafiq, Bashar and Nafees put us on top against Australia in Fatullah, the rest failed to give them minimal support and we know the result. Same happened in Chittagong where Shahadat and Shakib put us on top against India and the rest simply didn't bother to turn up. Tamim's brilliance gave us hope in the second Test and the rest decided to play spoilsport.

Again today, we had our moments both during bowling and batting, but at the end thrashed by 146 runs!!!

We are probably not good enough yet to win matches against top eight teams as we still rely on personal brilliance and oppositions failure.

We all understand Ash has to go, but can't find a suitable replacement. Roqibul needs a break but who is there to stand up and take the opportunity? Aftab? Probably not. We desperately need three top order batsmen to take the positions of Ashraful, Roqibul and another opener who will play sensibly. I don't see them coming, do you?


mamun said...

This is a good site, an interesting article too but I would like to emphasize on our current trip in New Zealand. Please let me know what you think.

It’s indeed sad to experience again our dismal performances so far we have displayed in New Zealand. The miserable batting display from the top orders has created immense pressure on the rest of the team. 3 top order batsmen, notably Ashraful, Raquibul and the Captain Shakib are having a torrid time. Perhaps, it’s time for the team management to reshuffle the batting order. Personally, I think, for the next ODI - it is time to move Mushfiqur up in the batting order. Perhaps, Aftab can come in at Number 3, followed by Mushfiqur at number 4. Then the rest can follow. Ideally, Ashraful needs a break too. Perhaps, we could have included Junaid in the squad. That would have given us an option to rotate some top orders players. But at this stage, we just have to stick with what we have.
New Zealand is, by far, a very good team, and playing in New Zealand, against New Zealand will always be difficult for us. It has really amazed me, particularly - why we have not included any practice matches in this tour. The top ICC ranking teams like Australia, South Africa when even they visit Bangladesh, they at least play practice matches for their players to get themselves familiar with the local conditions. As it seems, due to a very busy International Cricket schedule, this tour was included to fulfill possibly, ICC’s obligations. Having said that BCB should have taken the initiative to peruse both ICC and NZ cricket control Board to review the timetable in order to accommodate some practice matches. My personal view is that, Bangladesh should have played a practice match first instead of the T20 match, they had played. This would have given Bangladeshi players to get themselves familiar with the conditions first before facing New Zealand in the 1st ODI. Another notable point is that rather than playing 3 ODIs in three different states in New Zealand, BCB could have taken a pro-active role and negotiated with NZ Board to reschedule all ODIs in two states, thus enabling them to play 3 ODIs within 4/5 days. This would, definitely, enable Bangladesh to play a 3-day practice match before commencing one-off Test match in Hamilton

Over the last year and so, we have been playing good cricket. We are still trying hard to display better cricket to prove ourselves in the World Cricket arena. The issue here is that had we played some practice matches, which I believe would have been a more logical approach, the results could have been different. At least, we could have displayed much better performances than so far, what we have demonstrated. I am sure, BCB will address this issue. The sooner they address this, the better it will be for our cricket, perhaps for our future cricket tours.

greyblazer said...

I don't have too much knowledge about Bangladesh's domestic cricket but perhaps they should look at improving it?

Ashraful and Aftab keep failing as a result there would be too much pressure on Sakib, M'ullah and Rahim. Imraul too hasn't done well in test cricket.

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younggreentiger said...

in my opinion Bangladesh Cricket team is one of the best team but a little problem on that team & that is all the player didn't come out regularly. if one player show us the performances then another player demand rest to the dressing room. But I am sure that after 2/3 years later this team will show their real face & they prove that why we call them TIGERS..

Share Your Ideas said...

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Anonymous said...

Too many players seem to want to belt their way out of situations that make them uncomfortable when batting.

The captain is an example, even though he is carrying such a burden of roles that not too much can be blamed on him.

I don't know if there is too much glamour around scoring quickly for them to understand how to operate in test cricket.

A complete lack of patience seems to be the norm.

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Percy McDonnell the former captain of Australia was the first to score two 100`s successively.

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Bradly Jones said...

Every time I see such a post I feel like going there once again even though Bangladesh is only a bus ride away I haven’t been there in ages. Unique people, great cricket and a wonderful culture, although the economy has a lot to improve. Nice blog.

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Robin said...

You talk some rubbish Bradley. Everyone knows Bangladesh is not just a simple bus journey away.. Especially from anywhere in Europe

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